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Lessons with Carson Lundell

One of Utah's Top

Professional Players

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Carson is a professional golfer that had great success as an amateur. He uses a few simple keys to generate speed and consistency and it propelled him to be the top golfer at BYU. These same simple keys are what he focuses on in his lessons. 

Carson has learned the game using a core set of drills and techniques that he can share with players of any level. 

Carson teaches using Trackman and slow motion video so you see what is happening and understand how that impacts the ball flight. 

Carson has competed in competitions all over the country.   He won the 2021 US Open qualifier at Alpine Country Club and as been top medalist at multiple collegiate tournaments.


Carson's lessons help you understand not only swing mechanics but also the mindset needed to succeed in competitive golf. Carson's experience in paying top level golf can help you understand not just how to swing better but also how to play better.

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Has a modern Powerful swing

Here's a swing of Carson in a recent tournament.   He understands how to generate club head speed with ground force and rotation.   He can teach you the same principles.

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