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125 MPH Driver Speed

We have some great players that are members at Alta View Golf Club. One of them, Nathan Ouimette, is preparing to qualify for a professional golf tour this summer. I had the chance to play a match with Nathan in the Alta View individual match play tournament and lets just say that his drives go a lot farther than mine! (And Nathan won....) The 329 yard carry listed in the shot I videoed is at sea level. That would map to a good 360+ yard shot here at Highland, Utah elevation.

I spoke to Nathan about how he generates such great clubhead speed and it is all about rotation, rotation, and rotation. He gave me some great drills that I'll showcase in a future blog post to help with rotation.

Here is his driver swing, and as you can see it is top quality. 125 MPH is much higher than the average tour professional swings at in a tournament.

Best of luck to Nathan as he prepares for his qualifying tournament here over the next few weeks.

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