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A Winning Takeaway

The takeaway sounds pretty simple yet so many people get it wrong. When the weight of the club starts on the wrong path it is hard to recover. Set the trajectory right at the onset of the swing and it is much easier to be in control throughout the swing.

As I have looked at a number of swings at Alta View it is really common to see the club head come well inside the hands before the shaft is parallel to the ground. When that happens you are effectively pushing the weight of the club and it is really common that the result will be that the club weight will more in a counter clockwise rotation. This sets the club shaft to be too steep on the downswing and you end up flipping the club with the right wrist to help bring the club down to the ball.

Better golfers tend to shallow the club through the transition to have a clockwise loop of the club motion. You have a really hard time doing this clockwise motion if you rip the club inside in the takeaway.

Here you can see the position of the hands and club head from Adam Scott, Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood, and Tiger Woods

Rob Stanger shows that less is more on this discussion on the takeaway. Rob outlines how maintaining quiet forearms and wrists and focusing on a core body rotation put the club in a good position for success.

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