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Be the Boss of Your Right Wrist

The motions of the right (trailside) wrist in the golf swing are absolutely critical. Since the right hand is the dominant hand it is really easy to try to manipulate the club shaft with the right wrist flexing or casting through impact. Yet when you look at all of the pro golfer swings in the Trackman library you see the the right wrist motion is very stable through impact. Professional golfers are not flipping (flexing) the trail side wrist through impact on a stock shot.

Since this is an area where so many golfers struggle, I thought it would be helpful to have Rob Stanger go through how he teaches people to think about the right wrist. There are a few key takeaways in the video that should be of value to everyone:

  • When you flex the right wrist through impact you are pushing the club path left and then you need to compensate for that by leaving the face wide open to avoid the duck hook. This given you the weak high fade that just doesn't go anywhere and is a terrible shot in the wind.

  • To be able to maintain the proper right wrist position through impact your arm path needs to be low enough to have the club head brush the turf while the right wrist maintains an extension angle (opposite of flexing). If the hands are up too high in the impact zone your right wrist will have to flex to get the club down onto the ball, once again creating a path that is likely too left.

  • Make sure when the right wrist is set it is done at the proper angle. If you roll over the wrists on the takeaway the shaft gets too shallow too quickly and you are just compensating for that the rest of the swing.

There is a lot of great information in this video - it is a bit longer than many of them on the blog, but take 6 minutes to really boost your understanding of how the right wrist should enable a powerful draw vs. a weak over the top fade.

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