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Bomb a Drive at Moonlight Basin

Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau played at match at Moonlight Basin on July 6 2021. This Nicklaus designed course in Montana has a large elevation changes. For anyone that watched that match there was a 777 yard par five hole that had a huge amount of downhill. Bryson had a drive that was long, but not quite 500 yards

You can setup Trackman to hit that tee shot and see if you can bomb it farther than Bryson. The secret is to carry the bunker that is in the middle of the fairway. Phil's tee shot got stuck in the fairway bunker so it didn't roll out.

I was able to hit a drive that went well over 500 yards using the downhill rollout.

To try this select On Course Practice from the Practice menu. In the settings select "The Reserve At Moonlight Basin" for the course and select hole 17. Then hit away and see how far you cam bomb it!

Congrats to Alta View Member Nate Ouimette who crushed this monster drive - 573 yards with rollout!! 127 driver speed helps as well 😀

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