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Boost Your Swing Speed With a Free Speed Training Program

Dr. Tyler Standifird from Utah Valley University is looking for some volunteers to participate in a swing speed training study. There is no cost to participate and you can expect to increase you swing speed during the training period.

This is a speed training study specifically targeting speed from the hands. This is a 5 week study. You will have to commit to a beginning session at Alta View Golf Club to assess baseline swing speed and hand speed this will take about 30 minutes.

After that you will train 3 days a week about 15 minutes a day with a swing training aid that will be provided to you. It is a weighted golf club designed to increase hand speed. The training consists of swinging the club (without hitting balls) about 40 times during these sessions. This can easily be done in any location since you aren’t hitting balls.

After the 5 weeks of training you will come back in for a 30 minute post assessment to measure speed gains for the club and the hand. You will have to turn in the swing training aid at the end of the study unless you decide to purchase it.

This is a new product being studied from SuperSpeed Golf . A club speed increase of 5 MPH on the driver is a pretty reasonable expectation and that should lead to 12-15 yards with a driver.

Contact Dr. Standifird via email at or call him at ‭(801) 318-7326‬ to ask any questions or schedule your time to get setup.

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