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Check Out How Robin Rosado Helped Me Understand Posture and Its Effect on Attack Angle With TrackMan

I had a really great lesson from Robin Rosado the other day. I sent him my swing video and TrackMan numbers via link to portal. Here is the swing and the numbers he reviewed. He looked at the video and the numbers and gave me some really insightful feedback.

So I'm sharing the whole lesson - it runs about 5 minutes. I think it really was helpful to me to underhand in detail how a flaw of losing posture in my swing is impacting attack angle.

The feedback that I'm getting from Robin is something at anyone at Alta View Golf can get. You can subscribe to the monthly unlimited swing review program where you give Robin links to shots from your own personal web page. It has helped me a lot to really help me better understand how my swing works and where I can improve.

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