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Check Out The Latest Indoor Golf Trackman 9.3 Features at Alta View

The latest version of Trackman Performance Studio is installed on the indoor golf simulator systems at Alta View Golf in Highland, Utah. There are some great new features that will enhance your playing experience.

  • Complete Unfinished Rounds – Now you can pause mid-round and pick up where you left off at a later time — even if you switch to another Alta View bay to continue the indoor golf round at a later date. To get started, make sure you're logged into TPS using the QR code from the Golf App or by manually signing into your profile in the bottom left-hand corner of the home screen. Then, pick any course you like and play as many holes as you want, even if you can't complete the whole course. Keep in mind that if your course is set for a 9-hole round, completing all 9 holes counts as finishing the course, not the full 18 holes Once you've exited the course, your round is automatically saved in the Saved Rounds tab. Ensure you're properly signed in again at the bottom left-hand corner of the home screen, then click the "My Activities" button in the top left-hand corner. From the My Activities on the top left of the screen you can select Planned Rounds or Saved Rounds. Select Saved Rounds and you can continue where you left off. (Note that you can setup planned rounds before you arrive through the Trackman Golf app.)

You can continue a prior indoor golf round at a later time

  • Ghost Rounds – Play against anonymous scratch players or play against your own prior saved rounds. You'll see each shot as if you were playing side by side. Coming soon: Ghost rounds with friends. Select the Ghost option at the top of the page to start to play a round against one of your prior rounds or against the anonymous player. Check out the full information here. And check out more details on the settings.

setup a round with a trackman ghost player

  • Scrapyard – The new Scrapyard game is one that younger golfers will especially enjoy. It gives players a fun and engaging way to practice shots while trying to hit targets in a scrapyard setting.

Play the new indoor golf game scrapyard from Trackman

  • Live Leaderboards – See your current position on the leaderboard during tournament play without having to access the Trackman Golf app. This only works for tournaments that don't have multiple attempts enabled. By the way, did you know you can track the leaderboard on tournaments that you play in with the Trackman Golf app? Just select the tournaments link at the bottom of the Trackman Golf app.

Check. your indoor golf leaderboard from your mobile phone
Trackman Golf App available in App Store

  • Three-player scramble – Exciting news for fans of the scramble format — now you can play a round with two, three or four players.

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