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Check Out The New Trackman Features

Trackman Golf App Updated

There are some recent additions to the Trackman Golf app for your mobile phone that can enhance your playing experience. You can now preview all the courses that are available to play, check out available tournaments and leaderboards, as well as review shot history from your rounds and practice sessions.

The Trackman Golf app also makes it easy to login with your trackman profile onto each computer - search in the App Store and download TrackMan Golf if you haven't already loaded the app. Check out the quick video on how to use the app.

New Version of Trackman Performance Studio Now Available

Trackman version 9.1 has been installed on all the computer systems at Alta View Golf and there are some great new features available.

More Realistic Bounce And Roll On Greens

Based on market feedback, Trackman realized the physics model could use a bit of work, in particular on and around the green. So the new version did full overhaul of the bounce and roll physics model in Virtual Golf, so it now produces significantly more realistic ball behavior. Fair warning: Virtual Golf just became a bit more challenging — it may take a little getting used to for some.

New Virtual Putting Game

A new virtual putting game is now available. Check out Streets of Neon, which takes players on an eye-popping journey through the wildest putt-putt course around. Featuring futuristic playscapes, over-the-top obstacles and a helpful drone robot who guides players from hole to hole, this game is a guaranteed blast for putters of all ages and skill levels.

Tracking Your Clubs In Virtual Golf

Club selection is a breeze with the new My Bag functionality. When a player uses the TrackMan Golf app to identify all the clubs in their bag, this information is ported over to Virtual Golf when the player is signed in. This allows the game to recommend the proper club based on what’s in the player’s actual bag when playing Virtual Golf.

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