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Check Out The Swing of 7 Year Old Logan

As many of you have seen, golf coach Rob Stanger is back from his winter season in California and is giving lessons using Trackman at Alta View Golf Club. One of the younger students that Rob works with is Logan. Logan is only 7 years old, but when you look at his swing it incorporates many of the elements that top caliber golfers use - strong rotation, use of legs, and quiet hands through impact. Logan is a great example to show the difference that instruction can make at any age.

Rob loves teaching with Trackman. He believes the insight that you get when combining the instruction with the Trackman metrics and big screen video is a really effective teaching environment. Age doesn't matter - the teaching environment is effective for both young and "young at heart". You can look forward to some more videos from Rob that will be posted on this blog as resources to help you train more effectively using Trackman.

You and your children and their friends will have a great experience working with Rob. Just message Alta View in the mobile app to setup a lesson with Rob.

Logan shot an even par 36 for the win at Valley View Golf Course in the US Kids first Spring Tour event of 2021. Congrats to Logan! We have another top youth golfer training at Alta View!

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