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Creating and Maintaining Fantastic Wrist Positions in Wedge Play

Knowing how to create and manage the proper wrist positions in a golf swing is critical for consistent ball striking. The trouble is it is easy to say but sometimes not so easy to do. So many golfers struggle with the right (training side) wrist flexing through the impact zone and that adds way too much variability to the club face angle, club head height, as well as the club path and that leads to wide dispersion of shots. Wide dispersion with wedges removes the likelihood that you can get yourself into a position for a 1 putt, and really bad dispersion means you miss the green even with a wedge.

So I had a session with Rob Stanger to help understand what he teaches to help students master the skill of getting pure contact with wedge play. Rob tries to really simplify how you rotate the body to get the weight of the club to naturally set the wrists into a position that is powerful and stable. When you watch his demonstration of the swing you can see how the weight of the club is moved with the body rotation as opposed to a bunch of hand and arm manipulation. It is a simple yet powerful swing motion.

This rotation in the backswing sets everything up so that he can simply turn through the ball and maintain proper wrist angles and not "flip" the club or flex the right (trail side) wrist through image. Pay attention to how the wrists end up even after impact.

Contact Alta View to setup a session with Rob to help you before a better and more consistent wedge player.

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