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Do You Move Your Arms Properly In The Downswing?

Once your hands get to the top of the backswing, most people naturally want to move the hands towards the ball. That is the dreaded "over the top" move that almost everyone struggles with. Bringing the hands towards the ball isn't what good ball strikers do. Great ball strikers drop the hands down on the trail (right) side of the body. When you look at the tilt of your trunk at the top, dropping the arms down the trail side of the body moves the hands AWAY from the ball. Yes - away. It is the BODY ROTATION NOT ARM MOTION that primarily moves the hands towards the ball. The arms by themselves drop the club away from the ball and the body rotation brings the hands though the ball. Until your really grasp this you will always struggle with coming over the top.

In this video coach Nate Ouimette shows how the arms work from the top as well as some drills that can help you stop coming "over the top".

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