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Does Speed Training Ruin Your Golf Swing Form?

A common concern of many golfers when you talk about speed training is that they are afraid speed training will ruin their golf swing form. Dr. Tyler Standifird, professor of Biomechanics at Utah Valley University, has studied this question. His perspectives are really interesting to help you understand why speed training may in fact actually help you get better golf swing form as opposed to losing form.

In essence you generate more club head speed as you utilize techniques that are found in pro golf swings. So your body more or less figures out some key things that you have to do to be able to generate more speed.

Why does it matter? The statistics clearly show that the closer you are to the hole from your drive the lower your score will be. The top scoring and money winners on tour are generally those that have the most strokes gained driving - Rahm, McIlroy, Scheffler etc. are all very long hitters but don't lead the tour in fairways hit. But look at the list of 2023 PGA scoring leaders and think of how far they hit drives.

Fairways hit is not a great predictor of money winnings on tour. Total driving distance is a much better indicator. So don't worry so much about being in the short grass, rather just keep drives in play and get the ball out there as far as possible as you will have a better shot as a lower score on a hole. Rory McIlroy does not lead the tour in fairways hit but he leads the tour in driving distance and his scoring average reflects that. In other words, hitting a 9 iron from the rough into a green on average is an easier shot than a 7 or 6 iron from 20-30 yards further back in the fairway.

So learn from the insight Dr. Standiford has on speed training and incorporate it into your practice regimen at Alta View Golf. More distance off the tee helps your form and leads to lower scores.

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