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Don't Release Down the Line - Release Left

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Visualizing where you are taking the club head has a big effect in terms of how the club head moves through impact. As you know, you have to have tight control of both the club path and the face angle relative to the path to control your shot dispersion.

In this video, Nathan Ouimette highlights how he moves the club head up and to the left in a fluid motion and this helps maintain control of the club face angles through impact. Nathan walks though the wrist and hand motion in slow motion so you can see exactly how this works. Pay attention to how the left elbow is very soft and folds down to help the club head move left. If you listen to Rob Stanger give a lesson, you hear him talk about this all the time.

It has been my experience that many people visualize releasing the club head down the line right at the target. This causes the right wrist to flex a lot right as you are in the impact zone. If you feel you release the club head down the line that is also associated with early extension of the hips and loss of posture. These motions change wrist angles a lot through the impact zone and you have a timing dependent impact sequence. See why visualizing releasing the club head up and to the left of the target is going to help you maintain better club face control and reduce reliance on timing the hands.

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