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Dustin Johnson Swing Showing a Clockwise Club Loop

The last blog post showed an iron shot from Rob Stanger and how with the clockwise motion of the wrists the club shaft shallows as part of the transition. You can also see the same motion in a driver swing from Dustin Johnson.

As you watch the video you clearly see how the club head moves down and away from the target as it goes through the transition at the top of the swing. This shallowing motion really sets up his wrists so that he is in a great position to come from the inside with stable wrist action on his swing.

When you are practicing on your own at Alta View pay attention to how your club head moves at this point in the swing. As I have worked with many people at Alta View and observed lessons given by the coaches, the ability to shallow the club like this is a key point that separates the really great golf swings from the OK swings. In my experience you need to make sure that you have really quiet arms on the takeaway and not bring the club head inside the hands to be able to have the club head move in this clockwise rotation at the transition.

And finally, you’ll notice once again the number 1 player in the world practicing with Trackman.

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