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Grand Opening Special - TrackMan Essentials and Top Speed Golf Golf Clinics Nov 9-11, 2020 for $295

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Robin "Mr Distance" Rosado, Director of Instruction at Top Speed Golf in Orlando, Florida, is hosting a series of 1 day clinics on TrackMan essentials and Top Speed at Alta View Golf Club November 9-11, 2020. Top Speed Golf has over 400,000 followers on their YouTube channel and has a web site full of information on how to build a powerful and athletic golf swing.

The clinic focuses on how to train and practice with TrackMan video and TrackMan analytics to understand how to improve your golf game. Robin will use real examples in the TrackMan software to show how you can measure the key 5 Top Speed Golf swing fundamentals with TrackMan. He will also provide live instruction on how to to safely and efficiently increase swing speed and swing consistency with the Top Speed Golf fundamentals.

The clinic is a very hands on session. Bring your clubs because you will be hitting shots with TrackMan. Each 1 day clinic is limited to just 4 participants and there are 2 TrackMan bays. You will have a great mix of learning and observing as well and hands on coaching and feedback while you use TrackMan.

The available dates are:

  • Monday November 9, 2020 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. SOLD OUT

  • Tuesday November 10, 2020 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 1 space available

  • Wednesday November 11, 2020 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 pm SOLD OUT

Instruction and Training

Each session will include group dialog and instruction where Robin will outline and demonstrate the key principles of an efficient and fast golf swing. He will show examples of how he reviews swing videos as Robin has done thousands of online swing reviews as part of his role at Top Speed Golf.

He will show how to review swing videos in conjunction with looking at TrackMan numbers to diagnose and suggest how to correct a number of common swing faults. This will help you learn how to make TrackMan a more powerful tool for your individual practice. Robin has a large library of drills and swing key thoughts and feelings that he uses in his in person and online instruction that he can share.

Hands On With TrackMan and 1 on 1 Feedback

Robin will spend extensive time working with each individual with live swings on a TrackMan and review the video and numbers with you 1 on 1. While Robin is working 1 on 1 with another individual in the group of 4, you can use the other bay or just sit back and watch and learn from the examples from another participant.

The TrackMan numbers and videos are live up on the big screen so it will be easy to follow along and see how Robin uses TrackMan to help you understand the root cause of issues like loss of posture, improper rotation, loss of lag etc and how they impact swing metrics like club speed, swing path, face angle, and ball spin and launch angle. The clinic is all geared to help you see and understand how to practice with TrackMan to improve your game.

Robin is TrackMan Trained and Titleist Performance Institute Certified. The swing mechanics taught are designed to be safe and prevent injury for golfers of all ages and levels of flexibility.


Each 1 day clinic is only $295. This is a special grand opening special from Alta View Golf. Top Speed speed and distance clinics in Orlando normally cost over $1200 and that does not provide TrackMan access on each hitting station like this clinic has. You are not going to find a more cost effective way to boost your skills using TrackMan.

Contact Alta View at (801) 823-4302 or email to get details or make a reservation. If you are coming from out of town we can also secure a reservation at the nearby Hyatt Place hotel for a special rate.

Come with a friend and have a great day improving your skills on how to make TrackMan an essential tool in building your golf game!


Robin offers 1-1 zoom lessons as well as unlimited monthly swing reviews. You can see more details on his Alta View lessons page.

Here's a compilation of some videos from Robin at Top Speed that are found on the Top Speed YouTube channel

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