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Get Rid Of Your Slice With The Box Move

You often hear us talk about the need for the right handed golfer to move the club weight in a clockwise loop (for the right handed golfer) to be able to avoid flipping the club head through impact. In this video we show that thinking about a box may help you understand how your arms move in more detail to properly generate a clockwise motion.

In short, think of the clockwise loop as a box. First you move your arms up, then rotate your upper arms across to the right, then allow the arms to drop down while the upper arms are still rotated to the right, and then rotate the upper arms across to the left. That is a clockwise motion that has no forearm rotation and it will generate a flat lead wrist at impact and an extended trail wrist, just like you see in pro golfer videos.

If your first move is to start rotating your arms to the right and then move up and then rotate arms left from that high position you have the dreaded counter clockwise motion and the shaft will likely be way too steep in transition. So many people start their swing by ripping the club head to the inside with forearm rotation (starting the club to the right before going up) so you have the complete opposite motion from what you need. When shaft gets steep in transition and you have no choice but to stop your body rotation and early extend your hips and flip the club by flexing your trail wrist at impact. Trackman data clearly shows when you flex your lead wrist at impact you have large changes in your club path and face to path angles at impact. This means you really don't know where your ball will be going at impact.

As you work with trackman it is easy to see that just a few degrees of variability in your path and face to path metrics lead to a very wide dispersion pattern for your shots.


Check out how simple it can be to finally get a clockwise loop going are really improve your ball striking because you can have passive wrists at impact as opposed to flipping the club at impact.

Nathan Ouimette, who demos the drill in this video, is available for 1-1 in person lessons. Just reach out to us and setup an hour lesson to really feel how to stop the dreaded counter clockwise over the top move that leads to inconsistent ball impact.

And check out our whole library of lesson content that you can access for just $15 a month.

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