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Get the Transition Right to Help Setup for a Draw Swing

For a right handed player, you have to have a club path move from the inside to the outside of the target line during impact to hit a draw. This club path moving to the right will be measured as a positive club path metric in Trackman. A good number for a right handed golfer to strive for is +! to +4 degrees on club path.

When I practice, there is a key move that happens at the transition that has to be in place for me to be able to hit a draw - I have to SHALLOW the club. This means that the angle of the club shaft transitions from steep to shallow in the transition from the backswing to the downswing. The vast majority of pro golf swings that I look at have some level of shallowing.

When I shallow the club at the transition it sets up the whole sequence in the downswing for me so that the club path can head to the right without me feeling like I have to manipulate things with my hands.

So I captured a couple of swings in a recent practice session to showcase how shallowing the club at the transition leads to an inside out swing path for me. Shallowing is the best motion I have found for me to be in a position to hit a draw. Conversely I also demonstrate a swing where I steepen of the shaft at transition and bring the hands forward, the club path moves to the left, and there is no way for me to hit a draw from that position. On this demo swing the ball moves a TON to the left - a huge miss with the dreaded left path with a shut face shot that goes a mile left. (In my defense, I was trying to manufacture this shot for the demonstration, of course I would never do this on a course...... ha ha. ).

So check out what angles and motions you can look for on your videos as you practice and see if the items I look for can help you setup to hit a draw. (And if you are left handed, of course just reverse the angles - negative path and positive face for a left handed draw.)

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


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