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Hit Irons Like A Pro!

If you can sequence three simple motions in your swing, you will have terrific iron striking.

The steps that you see in just about any modern tour level swing are:

  1. Move the hands and club head clockwise around the apex of the backswing and never come over the top counterclockwise. When you move clockwise it goes hand in hand with shallowing the shaft. Counterclockwise goes hand in hand with making the shaft too steep.

  2. Shallow the shaft so it points outside of the ball as you come around the apex of the backswing. This means the shaft is shallower as it comes down as compared to the shaft angle in the backswing. If the shaft is too steep as the club head starts to move down you will have to extend the hips and press down on the shaft with the right hand. This kills the body rotation and you will lost control of the club path and club face.

  3. Use your upper arms in conjunction with your core body rotation to pull and rotate the shaft left through impact and avoid flexing the right wrist which pushes the shaft. With great ball strikers like Nathan Ouimette you will see that the right wrist remains extended at the point of impact because you are pulling the handle left through body and arm rotation. Flipping the right wrist through impact is a death move.

If you can do these three simple steps you will be doing the same thing our great coaches at Alta View do in their swings. Alta View coach Nathan Ouimette shows what it looks like in this terrific video.

Check out our whole library of video lessons featuring Nathan Ouimette and Rob Stanger for free for 7 days at the Alta View Golf Video Training Site.

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