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How To Find Out If You Shift Fast Enough To The Lead Side

When you look at the swing of great golfers it is clear that they get to the lead side relatively early in the swing. They are never "stuck" on the trail foot coming into impact. When you look at face on videos you see that the center of the body moves many inches towards the lead side before impact for a standard golf shot.

Force precedes motion. In other words, if you are going to get to the lead side there has to be a ground force to move you to the lead side. It doesn't happen without an active force against the ground to propel you to the lead side.

In this video you see how this lateral force can be measured with our 3D ground force plates. Coach Nathan Ouimette can use this system in golf lessons at Alta View Golf. It will likely surprise you just how early and strong the lateral force should be for a pro level golf shot. It is very very common for most amateur golfers to roll onto the outside of the rear foot and then be way too late with the shift. This late shift to the lead side means the rotation and the posting forces are going to be late as well.

So when you use these plates we can show you the magnitude and time timing of the lateral motion. It really can help you get a more athletic motion.

Through the end of October we are offering golf lessons that include this 3D ground force feedback at the same price as a standard lesson. Just reach out to us via text at 801-823-4302 or message us in the spaces app to request your session with coach Nathan Ouimette today.

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