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Lily Shin Boosts Her Game

Lily Shin is a freshman at American Fork High School. She made the girls varsity team this year and is already one of the top players on the squad. You may have seen Lily in at Alta View as she has been very diligent on her practice regimen.

Her handicap has moved down big time, her drive distance numbers are up big time and you can see when she talks about her game that she has increases her confidence in the ability to hit the right shot at the right time.

If you have a daughter or granddaughter that may have some interest in golf, have them look at Lily in this video and see how fun and fulfilling it can be to work on their golf game.

Lily has worked hard and you can see from her swings in the video she has used Trackman to really help her improve a lot over the past year.

Good luck Lily the rest of the season as you try to qualify for the Utah High School girls state tournament!

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