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Look What You See At The Masters

Here is reigning PGA champion Colin Morikawa at the range at The Masters getting prepped for arguably the biggest tournament of the year. And check out what you see - him working with a Trackman on the range. Thanks to Rob Stanger who snapped the photo while watching Masters week coverage on Monday.

That's a pretty good indication that is the best in the world see value in checking their numbers before playing then it's something I need to be doing as well. As the weather warms up and we all play more golf outside, there is a lot of value in keeping on top of numbers with Trackman before you play. Having practiced with Trackman I know how valuable the feedback is for me.

Golf requires crazy precision and the cool technology in a Trackman is there is help you all year round whether you play primarily indoors in colder weather or whether you are ready to tear it up outside now that it is warming up.

Colin won't be the only one you see in Augusta checking his numbers getting prepped for this exciting week.

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