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New 3D Force Plates Give You Incredible Feedback On Your Swing

Properly using ground forces in your swing is a huge part of being able to hit the ball consistently and generate a lot of ball speed. It is very common for golfers to struggle with the proper timing of their weight shift - most golfers are way too late! Most people don't have enough rotational force, and their and vertical forces are generally way too late generate great club head speed.

Did you know that the maximum vertical ground force in a pro golf swing happens while the lead arm is still parallel to the ground? That is WAY earlier than what most amateurs do. So you probably have a lot more potential for swing speed and subsequently better distance if only you would learn to use your ground forces more efficiently. Well now you came actually measure your own swing and get training on how to get better!

Alta View Golf now has a terrific new 3D force place system that we use in our lessons. It gives you instant feedback on your lateral shift, your rotational torque, and the timing and level of the vertical post in your swing. You see this incredible detail in combination with a video of your swing. And of course you still get all the great Trackman feedback on the club and ball speed to instantly see how better use of the ground forces generate better club and ball speed.

Our coach leverages all of these 3D force plate and Trackman metrics to help you really understand how your can get better today with lessons at Alta View Golf.

Through the end of October we are offering golf lessons that include this 3D ground force feedback at the same price as a standard lesson. Just reach out to us via text at 801-823-4302 or message us in the spaces app to request your session with coach Nathan Ouimette today.

Here is a fantastic overview video where you can see more details on the type of insight you will get in your lesson experience. You can see some numbers from some of coach Nate's swings.

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