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New Trackman Feature Helps You See How the Head Moves In the Golf Swing

The latest version of the Trackman Performance Studio has a feature that can automatically draw various lines in the face on and down the line videos. This can really help you better understand how your body is moving through the swing. In the Shot Analysis section of Trackman Performance Studio select the video panel view to review your swing and there are now new options you see to automatically generate various lines in the video to track your body motion. In a future blog post we will go over various options on how to use this feature in more detail.

One key item you should track with this feature is how the center point between your shoulders and head move during the swing from a face on perspective. The best players in the world move this point and their head down and left in their transition. THE HEAD DOES NOT STAY STATIONARY!! You do not rotate around your head in the golf swing!! You let your shoulders and head move with your entire spine down and left as you transition your weight to the lead side

Many amateurs do the opposite - this center point between the shoulders and their head moves up and to the right through their transition and impact. This leads to flipping the club through impact. Flipping causes a loss of control of the low point, path, and face to path so your ball flight is erratic between shot to shot.

In this video with coach Nathan Ouimette you can see why this top of the spine and head motion is so important to a good impact motion. When you do this you don't need to flip the club. As you look at Nate's swing in slow motion in the video below, it is using this new Trackman feature to highlight the motion of this center point between the shoulders from setup through the end of the swing.

So the proper pre shot visual is not to keep your head still. It is let your shoulders and head transition down and left before impact! Track how you do when you come in to Alta View for your next practice session.

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