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Online Unlimited Swing Reviews Overview

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Alta View's unlimited online swing reviews give you video feedback from your coach all the time. This service includes a face to face lesson each month. Between face to face lessons you use a mobile app to send an unlimited number of swing videos to your coach each month. Your coach reviews the videos and sends you detailed ongoing video feedback between your face to face lessons.

Record a swing during a practice session at Alta View, record a drill you are doing at home, or record a swing while you are on the course. Then simply share your video with your coach and get a detailed voice over video commentary back. You can also send text message questions to your coach and get quick feedback any time during the month. This service is a terrific way to get feedback to improve all the time and not just doing a face to face lesson.

How It Works

We set you up with an easy to use app on your phone or tablet that is designed and optimized for video sharing and comments back and forth.

Online swing reviews
Mobile and table app you can use anywhere

When your coach reviews your videos, they will often compare you to a reference swing so it is easy to see where you can improve. Here's an example of the type of feedback you can get all through the month.

Each month you also get 1 face to face lesson included in the swing review program. Of course you can do additional face to face lessons at the normal rate. You do not have to already be using face to face lessons to start using swing reviews.


The price is just $125 for the whole month when you bundle lessons and swing reviews with your existing Alta View membership plan.

Give us a call or text us at 801-823-4302 with any questions.

Frequent Asked Questions

How do online swing review work?

How many swings can I submit each month?

How does this relate to my Alta View Golf Club membership?

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