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Practice With TrackMan Helped Me Do Something I've Never Done Before

I have participated in a lot of golf tournaments over the years. I just participated in a member guest at Entrada Country Club in St. George, Utah. Like a lot of club tournaments, there were prizes for closest to the pin and longest drive competitions.

Recently I have been working with tracking driver swing speed with TrackMan. This has given me clear feedback in terms of what techniques work for me in terms of adding speed to the driver swing and how to get close to the 1.5 smash factor (the ball speed divided by the clubbed speed).

The long drive hole was number 18. Winds were calm and I told my playing partner I was going to make a big turn and "bust one out there.' I've been practicing how to more effectively maintain and release lag with a bigger turn. I had the feedback and I've seem the numbers on the range increase over the past few months.

Here's the results - name on the board and I won the long drive for the day. It is really cool to be able to take something where you get the feedback from TrackMan and take it to the course.

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