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Proper Practice Leads to....... a 56!

Shawn Powell has been a member at Alta View for a number of months. You can find him practicing on many a late night session while listening to some classic rock playlists. I've had a chance to chat with Shawn quite a bit and observed his practice habits.

I have noticed that even though he is a low handicap golfer he always takes the time to use alignment sticks to help ensure he is aligned properly as he practices. He mixes in a good combination of watching his swing videos in detail and looking at the key Trackman metrics to track how his body mechanics lead to the club impact positions. Through his practice he has gained substantial yardage swinging at the same speed because he has optimized launch conditions. Then he often plays virtual courses to take his practice feels onto a real course challenge

The other night as I was finishing up a demonstration I went over to chat with Shawn as he was wrapping up playing Moonlight Basin, the course where Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau just did their match earlier this July. It was pretty amazing to see Shawn's scorecard.

Shawn shot a 56!! 16 Under! Crazy Good!!

Check out the scorecard - it includes an albatross, one of the rarest shots in golf. Congrats to Shawn. This is by far the lowest round I've seen anyone complete on our Trackman system.

Shawn is preparing for the USGA mid amateur qualifier in a few week so expect to see him continuing his practice at Alta View. Wish him luck when you see him around.

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