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Put Your Club and Face In A "Corridor of Success"

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Some combinations together work great- think of peanut better and jelly or Rocky and Bullwinkle. Other combinations are not so good. I mean who would like a peanut better and sardine sandwich. (no offense to anyone that would actually like that just isn't on my list of best teams. 😜)

It is kind of the same for some combinations of numbers that you look at on Trackman on the golf swing. Some combinations lead to really good results. Other combinations, not so much.

Here is a quick video from Barry Schenk from Golf Logics in St George and he diagrams what works and what doesn't work for path and face angle combinations. I hope you can groove in the peanut better an jelly combination and not the peanut butter and sardine mix!

But pay attention when you practice to get the path and face in the right corridor of success.

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