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Release the Club Like A Pro

The motion of the wrists and thumbs from slightly before impact and into the full release is huge in terms of how the club path and face angle are generated. So visualizing "where you are going" in the impact to release sequence will help with better club path and face angle consistency.

This video showcases not only how to do it but what you should be looking for in your own video as you train with Trackman. In particular notice the right wrist extension and the thumb down position that coach Nathan Ouimette shows in the swings at impact and how these positions progress to the full release position.

These motions and positions are the exact opposite of flipping the club where thumbs are not down and the right wrist flexes early. Flipping the club is a death move - you have a miss that can be both too left or too right and you lose compression on the ball.

The positions you see in this video also generate better forward shaft lean. You can readily see from Trackman that delofting the club generates higher ball speed for the same swing speed.

Text us at 801-823-4302 and we can setup a lesson with a coach to help walk you through a better release motion.

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