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Rotation - The Engine of the Swing

It feels pretty powerful to throw your arms at the ball. There is just one problem (well maybe a lot of problems) with that approach - that isn't what better golfers do. Better golfers generate club head speed by rotating the core body in a way to pull the club head through impact, they don't push with their arms.

When you perform proper rotation in the swing the body is leading the arms and the arms and hards are leading the club head through impact. Have you ever tried backing up a trailer going full throttle? It is next to impossible to keep it straight. But you can pull a trailer down the freeway at 80 MPH without batting an eye.

The same principle holds true in the golf swing. When you figure out how to rotate your body properly your body rotation is moving the arms and the arms are pulling the club through impact. Arms control steering for the swing, body rotation generates the power for the swing.

So check out how Rob Stanger showcases rotational motions you should be looking for in your own swing to help develop a powerful rotational engine.

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