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See How A Lesson With Rob Stanger Transforms A Swing

In this video you will see a recap of a full lesson that Utah Jazz announcer Mike Smith had with Rob Stanger. Many of the items that you see in this lesson are going to directly help you. Rob works with Mike to adjust the body rotation mechanics and you can see the resulting trackman numbers that lead to great shots.

You can see in the lesson how better body rotation mechanics combined with a clockwise loop of the transition of the club help Mike stop flipping the club through impact and start moving the club through impact with proper wrist angles.

Click here or on the picture below to watch the video. You will see the video start with a 190 yard 8 iron and Mike will describe how he did it.

This is just one example of the great training content you can find on the Alta View Golf Training Site. Use coupon code AVG50 and you'll get half off a subscription to all the other great content from Rob and Nathan Outmette on the site.

Rob is available for lessons at Alta View - just reach out to us to setup a time.

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