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See How Nathan Controls Draw Vs Fade With Shaft Angle

One of the great benefits of working with Trackman is you can do a side by side comparison showing all the Trackman numbers. I recently did a session with Nathan Ouimette where he was working on different amounts of shallowing of the club and how that impacted hitting a draw vs a fade.

When you look at Nathan's footwork, body rotation, and finish position it all looks like it is the same shot. But in one shot Nathan shallows the club a bit more in transition and that leads to a different shaft position as the club is coming into impact. Shallowing the shaft a bit more in transition leads to the shaft being a little more shallow relative to the right forearm coming into impact. That generates a few more degrees of positive path and he hits a draw. The opposite is also true - less shallowing at the top leads to a steeper shaft relative to the right forearm and it generates a negative path and a fade.

What is also pretty interesting is that you can see that with the same body rotation mechanics and the same clubhead speed just how much farther the draw shot both carries and rolls out. Both shots are great shots. Sorting out how to control and angle of the shafted control your path at transition will make you a better golfer.

So check out the details in the video. Nathan is available to give lessons and he can help you groove the technique on how to control your club path via shallowing in transition.

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