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See How Nathan Generates 126 MPH Club Head Speed

Nathan Ouimette is a golfer that plays in many professional events and is a member at Alta View. He has a very powerful and athletic swing so I thought it would be helpful to chat with him and learn about how he swings the driver. In this video he goes through many great principles that will help you with your swing regardless of your current swing speed.

Nathan also teaches lessons at Alta View - reach out to us to setup a time to meet with him if you want to discuss this 1 on 1 and learn how to increase your own driver speed.

Setup keys

  • Position ball for generating forward in the stance to enable upward angle of attack.

  • Have a wide enough stance for an athletic powerful motion through the swing.

  • Flare the lead foot to enable easier lead hip rotation through the impact and release.

Start the swing - getting the club to parallel to the ground

  • Use body turn to move the club vs. using arm motion. Do not rotate the arms open on the initial takeaway move as that moves the club head too far inside.

  • Keep the club face looking at the ball on the takeaway with the quiet hands.

Getting the club from parallel to the ground to the top

  • Allow the trail side arm to naturally fold as you increase angle between the shaft and the lead forearm. This naturally puts the trail side wrist bending towards the trail side elbow (wrist extension) and the lead wrist will be flattening through this motion.

  • Extend the trail side shoulder away from the trail side hip to stretch the trail side.

  • Don't fake getting the club back with arm motion, the club must move up and deep with shoulder extension and not excessive arm motion.

Transition from top to lead arm parallel to the ground

  • Maintain soft hands and wrist to let the club shallow and lower the club. Tight gip and locked wrists will bring the club too far forward as you start top rotate the hips open.

  • Keep the club back and behind the body rotation as the club starts to lower.

  • Keep the trail side butt back away from ball while the hips are opening.

  • The lead side hip need to move back to the depth of the trail side hip, not the other way around.

  • Generate a structure with the arms where the trail side elbow is lower and behind the lead side elbow. The lead side arm is reasonably straight and the trail side arm has bend in it and will still have some bend at impact.

Turning through the shot and release

  • You can turn as fast as you want through the shot once the knees are parallel to the target. When the knees are parallel to the target the trail side arm should be about parallel to the ground and shoulders should still be closed to the target. The club head is shallow and lowering and is behind the arms, not steep and out in front of the arms.

  • From that knee parallel position everything can rotate fast through the impact zone.

  • The side side obliques need to fire hard during the release to bring the trail side shoulder lower towards the ball at impact. The lead side shoulder will be up high and moving away from the target.

  • Maintain the structure of the arms through the impact zone - they are just being pulled up and to the inside by the body rotation. The wrist angles will be changed naturally by the proper sequencing of the rotational forces when you maintain the proper arm structure. You don't have to actively manage wrist angles.

This is a little longer that most of our blog videos, but it is well worth the watch. This is a really helpful start to finish overview to give you a feel for how to generate high speed and control the club path and club face.

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