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Speed Training Works

Did you know that a golf ball will go almost 3 additional yards for every 1 MPH of club head speed with a driver? When you add speed training to your golf practice, an increase of just 4 miles an hour may mean you are hitting a 9 iron vs a 7 iron into a green (your iron speeds and carry distances will increase as well).

When you have more approaches into greens with a higher lofted club from a shorter distance you will have more greens in regulation, have more 1 putt opportunities, and drop your handicap.

In this video Dr. Tyler Standifird outlines why speed training works. He has worked as a consultant with SuperSpeed Golf. Tyler has gathered data from a ton of golfers of all ages and abilities. Hear him outline why you should add speed training to your practice.

Alta View Golf coach Nathan Ouimette has used these speed training principles in his own training and has has terrific club head speed.

Just send us a message and we can get you setup with a speed training lesson with Nathan.

Check out what a 125 MPH driver swing looks like from Nathan.

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