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Stop Chunking a Chip Shot......

We've all been there. You have what should be a simple chip shot and you end up chunking it or blading it across the green. In both the chunking and the blading scenario, generally it is related to too much hand and wrist motion attacking the ball at impact. So.....stop using too much hand and wrist motion! How do you accomplish that? Watch the video to see how.

In this video, Nathan Ouimette shows a great dill you can do with an alignment stick that will help you have a proper takeaway for a short shot and put you on a path to have consistent pro level contact with the ball. If you rip the club head inside even for a short shot you need to recover with the hands. This means a proper takeaway is key even in short shots. So check out this simple drill you can practice while you are using Trackman to groove this move.

Nathan has a number of other great instructional videos in our Alta View Golf video training library and he is also available for 1-1 lessons.

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