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Titleist Pro V1 RCT Balls Designed for Indoor Trackman Use Available for Purchase

Titleist has developed a Pro V1 RCT golf ball that is specifically designed and engineered for radar based launch monitors to provide the most accurate golf ball data on these devices for the indoor golf experience. The technology of the Pro V1 RCT golf ball has been optimized with TrackMan. Pro V1 RCT golf balls conform with USGA rules.

Alta View has Pro V1 RCT balls available for purchase on the book shelf in south side lobby. The cost is $15.50 for a sleeve of 3 balls.

You can purchase a sleeve of balls in the shop tab of the spaces app or via venmo @AltaViewGolf.

The balls are able to be used outside and perform just like a standard pro V1. They have all the same distance and spin characteristics of a standard Titleist Pro V1. The only difference is the ball has been engineered to be more readable by the Trackman monitor for spin numbers so you have an even more accurate reading on spin numbers as you practice indoors.

Through an optimized spin signal capture of 99%, Titleist RCT golf balls deliver true carry and total distance numbers in an indoor launch setting. There is an internal radar reflective marker that is added to the ball for increased accuracy of indoor spin capture.

You can read more about the ball on the Titleist site. FYI these balls retail for $65 a dozen when you purchase directly from the Titleist site.

Of course you can continue to use your own non RCT golf balls in the bays. But if you really want to dial in those spin numbers, this is a way to have Trackman produce even more accurate ball spin and carry numbers.

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