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Trackman Performance Studio 7.5 Release is Available

Alta View Golf has updated the systems to the latest Trackman Performance Studio version.

JURASSIC GAME ENVIRONMENT FOR BULLSEYE AND CAPTURE THE FLAG The new Jurassic environment has game action that’s hotter than lava and the TrackMan fun factor turned up to overdrive. This entertaining, atmospheric fantasy world where dinosaurs rule the earth is perfect for kids aged 3 to 103!

NEW ENVIRONMENTS IN CAPTURE THE FLAG As well as Jurassic, there are two other new additions to Capture The Flag. Skyline is an atmospheric urban scene with hovering helicopters and authentic street sounds drifting up to you as you play golf on the top of skyscrapers and helipads. The Trading Post is a Western-inspired frontier town universe where you can almost feel the dust and sand under your shoes.

FOURSOME / ALTERNATE SHOT Also included in TPS 7.5 is a new foursome game format in Virtual Golf. Team up with a partner and compete against another couple.

EVENT MODE IN HIT IT! The new event system for Hit It! is ideal for events in e.g. Golf Clubs and Sim centers, as you can set up a competition where any number of players can try their hand at winning this long drive competition in between playing other Virtual Golf games and activities.

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