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Unleash the Power of Your Golf Swing: Learning from Bryson DeChambeau's Impact Position

Bryson DeChambeau is changing the game of golf with his innovative approach to the sport. As one of the most talked-about golfers in the world, he consistently delivers powerful shots and impressive results on the course. In a YouTube video, we dissected DeChambeau's golf swing, focusing on the impact position – that critical moment when the clubface meets the ball. By examining his technique, you can gain valuable insights to look for the the wrist action as you practice with video.

The Importance of Impact Position

The impact position is the most crucial aspect of a golfer's swing. When executed correctly, it directly influences ball trajectory, distance, and accuracy. To achieve a powerful impact position, you want to have your hands and wrist motion to help ensure there is golf ball compression and that you are not filleting the club face under the ball.

Analyzing Bryson DeChambeau's Impact Position

In this video you will see how Bryson's thumbs are moving into a thumbs down or ulnar deviation position through the impact sequence. This de-lofts the clubface and gets more power into the back of the ball. When you move your thumbs around to the left through impact- also known as flipping - you are adding loft to the club and you are also changing the path of the club to the left. Both of those actions are distance killers.

So check out what you can see in this slow motion review with Bryson - he does the same thing that you learn in lessons at Alta View Golf. Reach out if you would like on of our coaches to help you sort out how to add distance to your game by creating a better impact sequence.

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