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Why Is Alta View Golf Paying Big $$ to Use TrackMan?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

When I speak to golfers on the range about Alta View I often get the question on what the value is on using TrackMan vs other launch monitors. I hear things like, "I already get my swing speed and distance from a much less expensive solution."

When I had the idea to open an indoor golf club in Highland, Utah, I did a lot of research in terms of what it would take to make a really first class facility. Of course there are the things like the physical space and size etc, but you also have to decide on what golf launch monitor to use.

So I looked at a number of different products. I did a hands on demo with a number of products. TrackMan was the most expensive choice of all the products, but it was also clearly the best solution for a state of the art simulator that I wanted to build.

Why do I say that? For me it is because you really have to understand the dynamics of how the club is moving and how the club face interacts with the ball to understand how to improve your golf game. Metrics such as attack angle, swing path of the club, and the face angle of the club relative to the swing path are huge. Lower priced launch monitors that focus on ball launch don't give you that insight so you are missing a ton of contextual information about your swing.

Before TrackMan, I also never understood what gear effect was and what that means to ball flight. Gear effect is a topic for another blog post, but suffice it to say that the insight you get from TrackMan to see where the ball impacts the club face give you huge additional insight into why the ball moves the way it does.

Trackman also has a great video solution. I almost always practice with down the line and face on videos of the swing and I can see both video angles when I look at the TrackMan numbers. When I'm trying to work on some area where I want to do better like maintaining posture through impact I can see how a feeling in my body equates to what is real on video and see what club path, face impact, and ball flight numbers it produces.

In a nutshell, I have found TrackMan to be far and away the best training product I have ever worked with and since I am a certified golf nut that is a pretty good endorsement!

This video gives a good overview of why Alta View believes that "Powered by TrackMan" is key to a great indoor golf experience.

So when you come to Alta View and start to see all the insights that you get when you practice and play on a TrackMan powered system, you will see why it is a more powerful tool that other less expensive golf simulator solutions.

Best of all, with a membership at Alta View Golf Club you get all the benefits of full and repeated access to a TrackMan without having to purchase one directly!

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