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  • How To Find Out If You Shift Fast Enough To The Lead Side

    When you look at the swing of great golfers it is clear that they get to the lead side relatively early in the swing. They are never "stuck" on the trail foot coming into impact. When you look at face on videos you see that the center of the body moves many inches towards the lead side before impact for a standard golf shot. Force precedes motion. In other words, if you are going to get to the lead side there has to be a ground force to move you to the lead side. It doesn't happen without an active force against the ground to propel you to the lead side. In this video you see how this lateral force can be measured with our 3D ground force plates. Coach Nathan Ouimette can use this system in golf lessons at Alta View Golf. It will likely surprise you just how early and strong the lateral force should be for a pro level golf shot. It is very very common for most amateur golfers to roll onto the outside of the rear foot and then be way too late with the shift. This late shift to the lead side means the rotation and the posting forces are going to be late as well. So when you use these plates we can show you the magnitude and time timing of the lateral motion. It really can help you get a more athletic motion. Through the end of October we are offering golf lessons that include this 3D ground force feedback at the same price as a standard lesson. Just reach out to us via text at 801-823-4302 or message us in the spaces app to request your session with coach Nathan Ouimette today.

  • New 3D Force Plates Give You Incredible Feedback On Your Swing

    Properly using ground forces in your swing is a huge part of being able to hit the ball consistently and generate a lot of ball speed. It is very common for golfers to struggle with the proper timing of their weight shift - most golfers are way too late! Most people don't have enough rotational force, and their and vertical forces are generally way too late generate great club head speed. Did you know that the maximum vertical ground force in a pro golf swing happens while the lead arm is still parallel to the ground? That is WAY earlier than what most amateurs do. So you probably have a lot more potential for swing speed and subsequently better distance if only you would learn to use your ground forces more efficiently. Well now you came actually measure your own swing and get training on how to get better! Alta View Golf now has a terrific new 3D force place system that we use in our lessons. It gives you instant feedback on your lateral shift, your rotational torque, and the timing and level of the vertical post in your swing. You see this incredible detail in combination with a video of your swing. And of course you still get all the great Trackman feedback on the club and ball speed to instantly see how better use of the ground forces generate better club and ball speed. Our coach leverages all of these 3D force plate and Trackman metrics to help you really understand how your can get better today with lessons at Alta View Golf. Through the end of October we are offering golf lessons that include this 3D ground force feedback at the same price as a standard lesson. Just reach out to us via text at 801-823-4302 or message us in the spaces app to request your session with coach Nathan Ouimette today. Here is a fantastic overview video where you can see more details on the type of insight you will get in your lesson experience. You can see some numbers from some of coach Nate's swings.

  • Check out the Sean Foley ProSENDR Training Aid With A Lesson at Alta View Golf

    Learning proper wrist action is an important part of being control you club path and club face. Sean Foley, professional coach who works with a number of tour professionals, has developed a training aid called the ProSENDR. Coach Nathan Ouimette has one of these and you can try it out for yourself in a lesson with Nate. Check out the details of how it works in this video and then send us a message to setup your lesson with Nate to check it out and get your wrist action to work like a pro.

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  • Golf Lessons | Alta View Golf Club | Carson Lundell

    Lessons with Carson Lundell ​ O ne of Utah's Top Professional Players Request lesson information Lessons: Image Carson is a professional golfer that had great success as an amateur. He uses a few simple keys to generate speed and consistency and it propelled him to be the top golfer at BYU. These same simple keys are what he focuses on in his lessons. ​ Carson has learned the game using a core set of drills and techniques that he can share with players of any level. ​ Carson teaches using Trackman and slow motion video so you see what is happening and understand how that impacts the ball flight. ​ ​ Carson has competed in competitions all over the country. He won the 2021 US Open qualifier at Alpine Country Club and as been top medalist at multiple collegiate tournaments. Carson's lessons help you understand not only swing mechanics but also the mindset needed to succeed in competitive golf. Carson's experience in paying top level golf can help you understand not just how to swing better but also how to play better. Lessons: Apply Now Carson Has a modern Powerful swing Here's a swing of Carson in a recent tournament. He understands how to generate club head speed with ground force and rotation. He can teach you the same principles. Request lesson information Lessons: HTML Embed Lessons: Sales Lead

  • Golf Lessons at Alta View Golf | Highland Utah

    Elevate Your Game Now Take Lessons on Trackman Large Climate Controlled Studio Slow Motion Video and Trackman Online Swing Reviews Between Lessons Call/Text 801-823-4302 For a Free Swing Review We analyze your swing with Trackman for free and then if you are interested we discuss the different lesson and training package options. ​ Lesson packages start as low as $62 per hour when bundled with a membership plan Submit Thanks - we will reach out to you shortly. Why Take Lessons With Us The feedback you get with Trackman, slow motion video, and the terrific insight from our award winning coaches coaches helps you improve FAST! Send us videos of your swing between your face to face sessions and we provide video reviews to give you continuous ongoing feedback. Take lessons in complete privacy in our state of the bays. There is no worrying about "what others with think" while you take a lesson. Face to Face and Online Coaching You get unparalleled feedback in your lessons with slow motion video and Trackman data in a climate controlled and completely private setting . ​ ​ Submit videos of your drills and swings to your coach. You get a detailed video back that analyzes your swing progress and and shows you where to focus to be a better player. How Swing Reviews Work " I have been a golf coach for many years and this setup at Alta View Golf Club is the most effective environment I have ever used" ​ - Rob Stanger, Golf Magazine Top Teacher ​ Pro Golfers Use Coaches... So Should You! Get a discount on lessons when you combine lessons with a membership package. Lesson and Membership Pricing Our Coaches at Alta View Golf Club Nathan Ouimette Nathan has played both college and professionally. He brings his experience from many years of competative golf to his lesson philosophy. More Rob Stanger Rob has worked with a number of people at all skill levels. He has a number of lessons with junior golfers each week and he has also coached many professional golfers. He was recognized as a GOLF Magazine Top Teacher West Region. More Carson Lundell Carson Lundell is a professional golfer who loves to share the keys to his success with his students. Carson was the number one ranked golfer on his team at BYU and is a 4 time state champion from Lone Peak high school. The keys he learned early in his playing career are easy to understand and can help you play better golf right away. More Madi Moss Madi Moss is the top ranked womens golfer at Dixie State and loves working with golfers of all abilities to help them learn and excel at the game. More Gina Higbee Gina is a Class A member of the LPGA and runs the only LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Program in Utah County. She coached the Lone Peak girls team to 2016, 2018 and 2019 state championships, with another 6 regional championships. she is currently on the staff of the Utah Tech Womens golf team. More Dustin Bitter Dustin is a PGA professional and graduated from SAM Houston State. He is an accomplished player and brings that same winner attitude to his lessons. More Birdie Buddies Youth group lessons at a fraction of the cost of 1-1 lessons. Birdie Buddies lets your youth golfer meet new golfing buddies while taking lessons in a group of 4 or less at Alta View Golf Club. More

  • Golf Lessons | Alta View Golf Club | Dustin Bitter

    Lessons with Dustin Bitter ​ PGA Professional Request lesson information Lessons: Image Dustin Bitter is a PGA Professional with years of experience teaching and working in golf. His teaching techniques focus primarily on swing fundamentals that you can measure and improve with a Trackman system. ​ Dustin's objective is to enable his students to understand their swings so they can self-identify and correct their own swing in their own practice time. ​ Dustin is outgoing and comfortable to talk with. He sees his student’s success as his own and does all he can to help them achieve their golfing goals, whether that is breaking 100 or winning golf tournaments at any level. Dustin won Player of the Year in the Class of 2015 PGA Professionals Lessons: Apply Now Dustin knows how to win Dustin comes from a background in competitive golf where he competed at the collegiate level and during his PGA Membership studies. He graduated from Sam Houston State University’s PGA Professional Golf Management Program. Request lesson information Lessons: HTML Embed Lessons: Sales Lead

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