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  • Release the Club Like A Pro

    The motion of the wrists and thumbs from slightly before impact and into the full release is huge in terms of how the club path and face angle are generated. So visualizing "where you are going" in the impact to release sequence will help with better club path and face angle consistency. This video showcases not only how to do it but what you should be looking for in your own video as you train with Trackman. In particular notice the right wrist extension and the thumb down position that coach Nathan Ouimette shows in the swings at impact and how these positions progress to the full release position. These motions and positions are the exact opposite of flipping the club where thumbs are not down and the right wrist flexes early. Flipping the club is a death move - you have a miss that can be both too left or too right and you lose compression on the ball. The positions you see in this video also generate better forward shaft lean. You can readily see from Trackman that delofting the club generates higher ball speed for the same swing speed. Text us at 801-823-4302 and we can setup a lesson with a coach to help walk you through a better release motion.

  • Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down for Better Impact

    The wrist motion of the thumbs going up and down is am important part of the swing to understand. Clearly just a few degrees of motion in the wrists have a big impact on shaft position and face angle. In most of the swings we see in lessons, people generally don't have enough of the thumbs down position through impact. Having the thumbs down goes hand in hand with a flat or slightly bowed lead wrist and an extended trail wrist. Those are the positions that you want to see in your swing at impact. When you have the trail thumb down with wrist extension it keeps you from flipping the club and you get much better compression on the ball. So check out what you can learn from coach Nathan Ouimette in this video in terms of where the thumbs should be at setup, at the top of the swing, and coming into impact. In particular note how the angle of the right hand at the full release point is basically the same as the angle of the hand at the setup position.

  • Do You Move Your Arms Properly In The Downswing?

    Once your hands get to the top of the backswing, most people naturally want to move the hands towards the ball. That is the dreaded "over the top" move that almost everyone struggles with. Bringing the hands towards the ball isn't what good ball strikers do. Great ball strikers drop the hands down on the trail (right) side of the body. When you look at the tilt of your trunk at the top, dropping the arms down the trail side of the body moves the hands AWAY from the ball. Yes - away. It is the BODY ROTATION NOT ARM MOTION that primarily moves the hands towards the ball. The arms by themselves drop the club away from the ball and the body rotation brings the hands though the ball. Until your really grasp this you will always struggle with coming over the top. In this video coach Nate Ouimette shows how the arms work from the top as well as some drills that can help you stop coming "over the top". We've got some great discounts on lesson packages - if you want to sign up for some lessons ask about our 2 for 1 coupon for the first month and we can help you groove this move.

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  • Summer Special | Alta View Golf

    Summer Special We're giving you Free Lessons Play your best golf ever! The Best Golfers Use Coaches Get 4 Free Lessons This Summer This is a $340 Bonus For Alta View Members How It Works What You Do: You simply commit to maintain a Standard or Platinum M embership through August 2023. You do not need to have taken lessons at Alta View Golf before. ​ What you Get: You get a free lesson each month from May through August with Nathan Ouimette or Madi Moss, or an $85 credit for a lesson with Rob Stanger or Gina Higbee. Lessons are given at Alta View Golf. Platinum members receive the bonus lessons in addition to the two lessons that are included in their Platinum plan. This is a $340 lesson package at no charge. ​ Lessons can be rolled over to the next month - we get it, summer schedules are busy. Use all the lessons by Sept 30, 2023. Anyone in your family can use the lesson credits. ​ How To Do it: Simply fill in this form acknowledging that you will maintain your Alta View Golf Standard or Platinum membership through August 2023 and then we will coordinate with you to get setup with the proper coach. Get My Reward First Name Last Name Email Phone I commit to maintain my membership through August 2023 Yes Questions or specific coach requests Submit Thanks! We will coordinate with you soon to get you setup with the right coach

  • Indoor Golf Simulator | Alta View Golf Club | Utah

    Home: Welcome Schedule a Free Session Utah's Premier Indoor Golf Club Located in Highland, Utah 4 State of the Art 4K Bays Largest Private Bays In Utah 24 Hour Access In Person Lessons Private Indoor Golf at its Finest Alta View Golf is an exclusive members only indoor golfing club in Highland, Utah. Each of our 4 private bays have massive 4K screens and are the largest completely private bays you will find anywhere in Utah. Bring guests at no additional charge or just work on your game individually. The facility is open 24 hours a day so play or practice any time you want. Facility Incredibly Effective Lessons Experience lessons that dramatically change your game with the combination of private instruction from award winning coaches and technical insight from trackman and slow motion video. You also receive online swing reviews between your face to face lessons. Your handicap will drop! Lessons Practice Better, Play Better All 4 bays have Trackman and multiple slow motion cameras to give you unparalleled insight to improve your game. Work on all your shot types and learn course management as you practice shots from any position on real courses. ​ Test your game when you and your guests play on over 120 championship courses from all over the world. TrackMan Request a Free 1 Hour Session at Alta View Golf ​ Experience Alta View today with a free demo! Submit Membership Plans For Any Golfer Plans are month to month - you can cancel at any time Save when you bundle lessons with our Platinum and Bronze plans ​ Plan Name Facility Access In Person Lesson Swing Reviews Price Platinum Daily 2 per month Unlimited $399/month Bronze 4 hours a month 2 per month Unlimited $225/month Standard Daily - - $275/month Starter 3 hours a month - - $99/month Yearly Daily - - $2599/year Lesson and Reviews - 2 per month Unlimited $149/month Lesson Only - Any frequency - $85 to $150 per lesson Pricing Details "The harder you practice, the luckier you get." -Gary Player Combine lessons with your practice and drop your handicap now Home: Testimonial "It is great fun to bring friends to play the simulated rounds. My practice helped me win a tournament!" ​ Learn about Kevin's victory - Kevin Lindquist "I am consistently beating friends now that I never beat before. 😃" ​ See how Jake dropped 12 strokes. - Jake Terry "I made the girls varsity team as a freshman!" ​ ​ See Lily's story on boosting her game . -Lily Shin Space and Comfort Alta View hitting bays and over 25 feet wide. Hit full throttle driver swings and never feel cramped for room. Enjoy the 4K LASER video resolution on a massive 16 foot wide screen. ​ There is comfortable seating with plenty of room for friends and family plus all the golf gear.. ​ A partition wall can close between the bays to give you complete privacy or you can open it up for larger groups and use multiple bays at once. ​ Facility Home: Lessons Lessons That Make A Difference Take lessons at Alta View with Trackman trained coaches, pro players, and PGA professionals like Rob Stanger , Dustin Bitter , Madi Moss , Gina Higbee , and Nathan Ouimette . ​ Each coach utilizes the video and metrics from TrackMan to help you understand how how your swing works today and how to improve. We support your training between your face to face lessons with online swing reviews . ​ Lesson Information Available 24-7, Bring Friends and Family With only 30 memberships available per bay, you have plenty of access for reservations. Book your times with the Alta View mobile app and schedule times to use the facility 24x7. ​ The building is well lit and has security cameras so it is safe to come play any time day or night. ​ Play 18 holes in a hour with a friend and save time. Golf anytime regardless of weather or daylight. ​ Bring your children and help them develop their skills and love for the game. Facility Contact Us 10907 N Alpine Highway Suite 101 Highland, Utah 84003 Phone or Text: (801) 823-4302 Home: Contact Subscribe to Alta View Golf Tips and News I accept terms & conditions Submit Thanks for subscribing!

  • How do I cancel a reservation?

    How do I cancel a reservation? To cancel a reservation, simply open the Spaces app and select the "My Profile" icon in the bottom right. On the My Activity screen select the Bookings link and then select the reservation you want to cancel and press the the dots ... and the popup menu lets you cancel the reservation. Please cancel any reservation you are not able to use so that others can use it.

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