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Winter 2021 Match Play

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Registration is now closed for the 2021 Match Play tournament.    ​


Matches 1-12  should be played Jan 1-15, Matches 13-20 should be played Jan 16-31, Matches 21-24 Feb 1-14, and matches 25-31 February 15-28.  Alta View will flip a coin to determine the winner for a match not played by the necessary date to keep the tournament on schedule.  

Courses To Be Played

Matches 1-12    -    Pebble Beach

Matches 13-20  -    PGA National

Matches 21-24  -    Muirfield

Matches 25-31  -    Liberty National

Settings For The Matches

When you start a match make sure each player uses their current UGA handicap. TrackMan will take care of the scoring.

Select individual match play scoring. Select tees that are two back from the tips.

Putting will be manual putting. This means you are putting to the stick and you have to line up and read the break. You have to get your putt within 8 feet and then the system will give you a 1 putt from there.

Set the greens to be 10 on the stimp meter. Set the fairways to be medium.

Report the winner back to Dwain Kinghorn.

The bracket below will be filled out as people register.

Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 10.33.07
Match Play Scoring

Choose individual match play for scoring option. Make sure each player uses current UGA handicap

Calm Wind.png

Play with calm wind conditions

Manual putting.png

Set putting mode to manual putting. Leave gimme distance to 8 feet.   Manual putt to screen, get to within 8 feet


Set fairways to medium and greens to 10 

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