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Located in Highland, Utah


Experience Indoor Golf at its Finest

Alta View Golf is an exclusive members only indoor golfing club in Highland, Utah. It has an open spacious design with over 1000 square feet per hitting bay, the most of any club in Utah.  

You can bring guests with you at no additional charge or just work on your game individually.   The facility is open 24 hours a day so you can play or practice any time you want.

The video projection on each screen is native 4K LASER video providing a truly immersive experience.  The 16 feet wide by 10 feet tall screens are the largest commercial TrackMan screens in the state of Utah. 


Improve Your Game

Each hitting bay at Alta View uses TrackMan. This groundbreaking club and ball tracking system gives you unparalleled insight to dissect and improve your game.

Alta View hitting bays are designed and installed by TrackMan. TrackMan is used by more PGA tour professionals than any other launch monitor. 

Train with a purpose with actionable insight from TrackMan on every shot.  Review face on and down the line video with the club and ball data to truly unleash your potential. 

Enjoy Playing and Practicing 

You can get detailed feedback on your swing as well as bring friends or family and play virtual golf courses. You can schedule enough time for a 4-some to play 18 holes. 

You can even schedule the entire facility for a bigger team meeting for work or reserve Alta View for a party with friends and family.

Play Pebble Beach, St. Andrews,  Muirfield Village, Kapalua or any one over 85 top rated courses.      

Compete in tournaments with other club members .


Request a Free 1 Hour Session at Alta View Golf

Bring your golf clubs and experience Alta View with a hands on session. Hit some golf balls and see how indoor golf with TrackMan is both fun and provides unparalleled insight into your swing.    

Leave your email and phone number and we will coordinate with you via text or email to setup a time (day or night) that is convenient for you for your free session. 


Membership Plans


  • Unlimited monthly access

  • 2 scheduled reservations at a time

  • Bring family and friends





  • Unlimited yearly access

  • 3 scheduled reservations at a time

  • Bring family and friends

  • Discounted pricing





  • 3 people at a company get keys to facility

  • 20 rounds per month that are shared in the company

  • Bring guests



A Golfer's Dream Private Club Experience


Space and Comfort

Alta View has two hitting bays and over 2000 square feet of space in the facility. There is more than enough room to hit full throttle driver swings and never feel like you are cramped for room. 

There is plenty of comfortable seating for friends and family.  When you bring a colleague or two to come play with you they will appreciate the high quality spacious setting.    

Alta View also has a conference table that you can use for larger gatherings like employee and customer events, or you can simply use it as your own private office for a few hours.

If you want to practice alone in solitude that works too. There is a partition wall that you can close between the two bays to give you privacy for individual practice or during a lesson.   

family space.jpeg

Available 24-7, Bring Friends and Family

With under 80 total memberships available, you have plenty of access for reservations. Book your times with the Alta View mobile app and schedule times to use the facility 24x7.  

The building is well lit and has security cameras so you can feel safe to come play any time day or night.

Play 18 holes in a hour with a friend. Golf all year long without having to go south during the winter.    

Bring your children and help them develop their skills and love for the game.

Online and In-Person Lessons

To help you get even more out of your private club, Alta View has partnered with two TrackMan certified coaches. Each coach utilizes the video and metrics from the TrackMan system to help you truly understand how how your swing works today and areas where you can improve.

Our coaches show you areas that are key for you to measure during your own practice with TrackMan. The metrics you get from your practice at Alta View give you the same feedback professionals like Justin Thomas and Tony Finau rely on to become better golfers. 

Lessons are available both online as well as in person. Choose whatever format works best for you.

"The harder you practice, the luckier you get."

-Gary Player

Does indoor golf really help you improve?   Is it fun?


I share the shot data with my golf coach using the mytrackman portal. It has really helped us work better together. 

Before using indoor TrackMan my handicap was a 19. My handicap has come down over 12 strokes. I even shot under par for a full round! I never thought I would get there before I started practicing indoors.  

I am consistently beating friends now that I never beat before. 😃

See how Jake dropped 12 strokes.

It is great fun to bring friends to play the simulated rounds. It takes less time than an outdoor round. Since I can play day or night regardless of the weather it is a great way to golf anytime.      

Sometimes I bring my kids with me to help them learn how to golf. It is a great family activity.  

I'm pretty tall at 6'6" and the hitting bay is plenty large for me to hit drivers.

- Kevin Lindquist

Since I started using TrackMan, my handicap has dropped from a 17 to a 7. I use the challenges and tests to help me practice with a purpose as opposed to just aimlessly beating balls on the range.

The instant feedback I get using the system really helps me dial in distance control.

I putt indoors as well to make sure I can consistently roll the ball on the intended line.     

- Jarrett Taylor

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