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Lessons with PGA Teaching Pro
Robin Rosado.

Director of Online Instruction at Top Speed Golf

As the Director of Online Instruction at Top Speed Golf, Robin has coached hundreds of remote students using Internet technologies.   Top Speed Golf offers a number of teaching and training videos as well as a YouTube channel to help golfers develop a powerful and athletic modern golf swing.

When you take a lesson, Robin has full real time access to all the TrackMan data as you are hitting in a bay.   You communicate with Robin via a video Zoom meeting.    Everything needed for the Zoom meeting is provided by Alta View.   You can close the partition doors between the bays to have a private and quiet environment during your lesson.  

Robin has coached PGA and LPGA professional golfers.    He has worked with a number of top junior golfers as well.  Robin is the head coach for the The First Academy, the defending Florida state champion high school team from Orlando.   Robin also runs various clinics in Orlando focused on increasing club head speed.  

Real Time Lessons

Your coach has real time access to the TrackMan PC and sees all the same data you do on the screen at Alta View Golf.   You interact with your coach over a Zoom meeting.   


When you take a lesson you can configure a moveable partition wall to give you complete privacy.    


Unlimited Swing Reviews

Send in your TrackMan data and videos of your swing anytime and have our coach review the swing.

This solution also lets you submit swing video  that you record on your phone outdoors on a range or during a round.


In Person Lesson in Florida

Schedule face to face lessons in Orlando, Florida.   We can also help you schedule rounds at surrounding courses and even take care of your travel logistics.

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