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Lessons with Nathan Ouimette

Learn To Swing Like A Pro Golfer

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golf lessons with nathan ouimette at alta view golf club

Nathan has experience playing on professional circuits in Asia and North America as well as in college. He has worked with a number of tour couches and is able to draw upon that experience with his own teaching. His person best round is a 59!

Nathan utilizes a few key drills in his teaching that quickly help you understand how to properly rotate and control the club face.


Nathan has worked with golfers at all levels. He can work with anyone including youth that are just starting out all the way to someone trying to make it on a professional circuit.

Nate will help you understand proper rotation mechanics in the body and how to use the arms so you do the same things the best golfers in the world do for distance and accuracy

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With Nate

Learn the way a pro golfer swings

Check out Nathan's driver swing - over 126 MPH on this swing. He will teach you how to rotate and use the big body muscles to generate club head speed.

Proper rotation and arm motion around the green will have you putting for birdie!

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