• Monthly

    Every month
    Perfect for any golfer
    • 7x24 access to play and practice
    • No additional fee for guests
    • Can make daily reservations
  • Yearly

    Every year
    10% discount compared to the monthly plan
    • 3 concurrent reservations possible
    • 7x24 access
    • Reserve a bay for one hour session
  • Corporate Membership

    Every month
    Can be used by anyone in your company
    • 20 hours per month of reservations
    • 3 People at company have keys to manage access
    • 24 hour access
  • 3 Hours a Month

    Every month
    3 sessions a month
    • Reserve any available bay
    • Can use all three hours on same day

There is no minimum number of months for a membership.


Schedule A Free 1 Hour Tour and Demonstration

Experience the facility first hand.  We will show you how to use the TrackMan system and answer any questions about becoming a member of Alta View Golf Club.

Call or text  at (801) 823-4302 or drop us a note to setup your free demonstration.

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