Indoor Golf Lessons in Highland, Utah
Call/Text 801-823-4302 For A Free 1 Hour Swing Review

We analyze your swing with Trackman for free and then if you are interested we discuss the different lesson and training package options.

Lesson packages as low as $75 per hour after your free swing review


"I have been a golf coach for many years and this setup at Alta View Golf Club is the most effective environment I have ever used"  

- Rob Stanger, Golf Magazine Top Teacher

Efficient and Effective Golf Instruction

Get instant feedback on every swing with slow motion video and Trackman data in a comfortable private setting.

Track the impact location of the ball on the club face and use metrics like club path, face angle, and club attack angle to understand ball flight curvature and distances.

Learn how to move your body to increase distance and and generate consistent impact with a Trackman trained coach.

Wedge Play

Full Swings


The Alta View Lesson Experience

Take lessons in complete privacy at our state of the art indoor facility

Receive a video summary at the end each lesson to guide your practice

Send swings to your instructor after the lesson for ongoing feedback

Coaches at Alta View Golf Club



Rob has worked with a number of people at all skill levels.   He has a number of lessons with junior golfers each week and he has also coached many professional golfers. He was recognized as a GOLF Magazine Top Teacher West Region.



Robin is director of online instruction at Top Speed Golf.   Robin has coached tour professionals as well as beginners.   

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