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A Premium Indoor Golf Experience

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Enjoy Our Quality Features For a Fantastic Private Club Experience

Immersive LASER Video

A key part of the indoor golf experience is the screen.  The screen takes up your whole field of view when you hit a ball because the screen is 16 feet wide and 10 feet tall. 

The screen is specially produced exclusively for TrackMan to have the highest visual quality available for a golf simulator.  

With a screen that large you want to make sure the video image is super sharp.   That is why we use a true 4K LASER image quality projector, not an upscaling 1080P projector used by many other commercial simulators.   The 4K image is bright and crisp.  

The visual experience you have at Alta View is truly immersive. Sure - it all cost us a lot more , but you will see the difference from any other simulator.

Alta View has the largest TrackMan screens in Utah in a commercial facility! 


When you practice or play you can even simulate wind conditions.  


High Quality Turf

IMG_2535 (1).jpeg

You use regular tees when you want to tee up a ball.   


You simply place the tee in the turf just like you do on a tee box, so any size tee you want to use will work.

Alta View uses TrackMan's highest quality hitting turf. It provides a great real grass feel as the club head interacts with the mat through impact.

There are no distracting seams of artificial tee holders on the hitting turf. The turf you stand on is the same turf that you hit on.

Realistic Putting

TrackMan provides insight to your putting mechanics just like it tracks full swing mechanics. 


See how your putter face moves through impact to train yourself how to be a more consistent putter.

TrackMan putting feedback

Because the hitting bays are so large at over 23 feet wide, there is plenty of space to practice short and long range putts.  A number of regulation size putting cups are placed within the turf.   


The putting turf plays from a 9 to 10 on the stimpmeter scale and gives you a very realistic roll off the face of your putter.   

Plenty of Space


With over 4000 square feet in the facility and 4 hitting bays, Alta View has plenty of space to bring your family and friends for a fun golf outing.  

There is more than enough room  to swing a driver right or left handed because each our 4 bays are over 22 feet wide and 12 feet tall.


The putting surface is large enough to practice long lag putts to one of our regulation sized putting cups.


Each bay has a spacious seating area so you can brings friends enjoy your virtual round of golf.   


There is a lounge area which can be used as a great spot for some business networking mixed in with some fun golf.

Local and Global Tournaments

You can even reserve the whole facility and host your own private tournament. 


Just like any private outdoor golf club, Alta View regularly hosts tournaments. Sign up for one of the member-member events or bring a friend to a member guest event.


Compete for long drive and closest to the pin prizes.  You get an online portal to see results and see who won the $$ - hopefully you!

Just imagine, it is the middle of January in Utah and you are playing Muirfield Village with a golf buddy and take home a trophy.

You can also sign up for and compete in worldwide TrackMan tournaments. As an Alta View members you can play in as many of these tournaments as you would like. Competing with people all over the world is great benefit.  

24 Hour Secure Access with our Mobile App

Alta View Mobile App.jpeg

You can schedule your times at Alta View Golf Club 7x24.


Use the Alta View mobile app to setup and manage your tee times just like an outdoor private golf club. You see the list of available times for the next two weeks and simply select an hour that you want to book.   

If you want to book 2 hours in a row, you can do that as well from the mobile app or from the website.

Your phone acts as your key to the building lobby as well as the Alta View suite, so you always have your key with you.  The key works 24 hours a day.   

The building lobby is secure and locked outside of standard business hours so only members can access the lobby and hitting bay. 

The facility is well lit at night and has multiple security cameras. You can safely come and play golf at any time.   

Big Screen TVs For Sports and Music

golf on big screen.png

Each bay has its own big screen TV.  Tune into the latest game or golf broadcast while you are playing or listen to streaming music.  

You can use the TVs to review that latest golf instruction video from YouTube as you are trying to groove your swing!  

Training From a Trackman Level 2 Expert

Alta View makes sure you have the necessary training and support to know how to leverage all of the TrackMan features.   


When you come for your orientation you will learn from an expert about how the system works and how you can gain great insight into how to become a better golfer with TrackMan.  


Our founder, Dwain Kinghorn, is a certified TrackMan Professional Level 2. Check out his story on opening Alta View Golf.


Check out Dwain's linked in profile to see his long history of building and working with great technology.

If you sign up for online or in-person golf lessons, our instructors are also trained on TrackMan technology.

You can also learn more about how to leverage TrackMan by taking the TrackMan University courses.


Private or Open Room Configuration

door closed.jpeg

Doors close in under a minute

A unique feature of the Alta View facility is the folding partition doors. The moveable panels allow you to quickly configure the space to be wide open across two bays or to partition the room in two.

If you want to have a lesson or just groove your swing in private, close the doors. If you want to chat with your friend in the bay next door, open them up.  

door open.jpeg

Doors open for a wide open space

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