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See Why Our Golf Simulator is
THE Place
For You


Facility: Welcome
Private Space

Alta View Golf simulator bays and over 25 feet wide. Hit full throttle driver swings and never feel cramped for room.   

There is comfortable seating with plenty of room for all your gear

A partition wall can close between the bays to give you complete privacy or you can open it up for larger groups and reserve multiple bays at once for you own private party!

golf simulator with large space for guests
Great for Friends and Family

This is truly a place where you will want to bring friends and family and have them enjoy golf all year round with you.

There is no charge to bring guests. You can easily have 6 people in each simulator golf bay. 

Easy To Book Times With 4 Available Bays

Easily book times up to a week in advance with our easy to use mobile app.  With 4 golf simulator bays it makes it much easier to find the time you want compared to smaller facilities. We limit the number of members.

Your phone is also your key to the facility and it works 24x7 so you can come anytime, day or night. There is easy highway access from Draper, Lehi, American Fork, Alpine, and Highland, Utah.

reserve a time at golf simulator with mobile app
Immersive Visual Experience

A key part of the indoor golf simulator experience is the screen.  The screen takes up your whole field of view when you hit a ball because the screen is 16 feet wide and 10 feet tall, the biggest you will find in Utah.

All 4 bays have high end 4K Laser projectors for bright and crisp images. Come see how real golf is on our video system.

Big Screen TV and Bluetooth Speakers

Each bay has a big screen TV and bluetooth and airplay speakers so you can have video or music on while you play and practice in the golf simulator. And because each bay is private, you don't have to worry about bothering anyone else.

each golf simulator has big screen tv
Get Trained From A Trackman Pro

We spend a full hour getting you up to speed on how to use the Trackman system in detail. You get training from a Trackman Level 2 certified professional. We will show you how to truly leverage our system to play better golf.

Request a Free 1 Hour Hands on Demo

Come see why Alta View is the indoor golf simulator club for you.

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