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Play golf indoors
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At Alta View Golf Club you get the actionable insight you need to improve your game and you can enjoy playing many of the world's top courses.

Powered by Trackman

Virtual Golf Is Realistic, Challenging, and Fun

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Play any of the large selection of the world's top courses like St. Andrews, Valdarrama, Muirfield VIllage, Royal Portrush and many more.

Experience virtual golf for yourself with a free 1 hour session.

When you setup for the shot you are looking at our TrackMan exclusive 16 foot x 10 foot 4K LASER video screen. You see the environment just like you were there at that course.

You can control weather conditions like temperature and wind to simulate how you ball actually flies when you play outside.   TrackMan keeps track of all the scoring and even has a variety of putting modes.  Play a round with friends or family or just cruise though a solitary day on the links by yourself.  It is the game!

St. Andrews on Trackman

Actionable Insight For Every Level of Player

TrackMan provides not only ball speed and direction, but it shows you critical details on your club path and how the club face is moving through impact.  You even see where the ball impacts on your club face to you can understand how gear effect impacts ball flight when you have off center hits.   Of course you also see all the details about the ball flight like launch angle, maximum height, carry distance and curve.   This insight is absolutely critical in helping you lower your handicap.

Simple launch monitors that only show you ball speed data just can't compare to this level of training insight.

insight that lets you improve

“When a coach works with the best players in the world, there’s no room for guessing or data that’s ‘close’. There’s only one choice when it comes to measurement of the club and ball and that’s Trackman.”


Cameron McCormick, Tour Coach,
Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher 

Detailed Trackman metrics

Practice Your Way Using TrackMan Test Center 

Use the Test Center and Combine features to challenge yourself with a wide range of shots.   TrackMan automatically presents you with a range of different shot types and keeps a running tally of your results.   You can reproduce almost any shot you will encounter on your course 

Using the test center as a golf test

The test center experience really helps you focus when you practice.    Having to adjust shot distance after each swing in a very effective technique to make you a better golfer.

You store the results of the test on your mytrackman web portal and see how you improve over time.  Compete with your friends to see who can do best on a given test.

Review your Data Anywhere, Anytime

All of your shot data, test results, and data from playing simulated rounds are available for you to review on your own personal mytrackman web portal.   You can review your swings (including video of your swings)  on any mobile or desktop device anywhere and anytime.   From your mytrackman portal, it is easy to share your swing data with a coach.   

Your unlimited swing archive comes at no additional cost as part of your membership to Alta View Golf Club.

my trackman web portal
looking at your swings in the mytrackman portal

Mix It Up With Golfing Games

Mix it up playing fun and challenging games like closest to the pin competitions, long drive competitions, and capture the flag.   

Even beginners will find these games add a lot of fun to their sessions.   Bring you kids and help them build a love for the game while playing a game.

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