Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reservation policy?

You can have 2 active hours of reservations at a time in the system. Once you use an hour, you can make make a new reservation for a subsequent day.

There is no fixed limit on the number of sessions you can have in a month, there is just a limit on how many reservations you can have active in the system at one time.

Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance.

Can I reserve multiple hours in one day?

Yes - you can use both of your hours of reservations on one day.

Simply make two one hour reservations back to back. After you two hour session you can then make a new reservation for a subsequent day. Please skip a day for your next session if you have used two hours in a single day.

This helps guarantee equal access for all members.

Is there a fee for guests?

There is no fee for bringing guests.

You can bring guests at no charge. You are responsible for their behavior and safety.

How do I line up the ball in virtual golf to be in the center of the screen?

There is a setting called virtual golf offset in the trackman console that controls where the ball in placed on the the box on virtual golf. You should just leave it in the center.

If for some reason the ball is not centered on the scree, see the details from the link on the button for details on how to change this setting in Trackman Performance Studio.

How do I setup a mobile app to make reservations?

The app is called WIX that you use to make reservations. Download WIX from the Apple or Google app stores. From this app you can create and manage your reservations just like you can from the web site.

See the link on the button for details on how to set the WIX app up.

I got a new phone - how do I gain access to the facility?

The bluetooth ID of your phone is your key to the building so when you get a new phone, that new bluetooth ID has to be setup as your current key.

Contact Alta View Golf via text at 8018234302 and we will email you a new key for your new device.

The email will be from Pro Data Key.


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