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Congrats Kevin Lindquist for Winning the Winter 2021 Match Play

Congratulations to Kevin Lindquist for winning the winter 2021 match play tournament at Alta View Golf Club! The tournament was a double elimination format. All of the matches in the tournament were played on venues where there are PGA events. The final round was played on Liberty National, a course in New Jersey that hosts one of the FEDEX Cup playoff events on the PGA tour.

A number of the matches in the tournament went to extra holes - we found that the handicaps used for outdoor golf translate well to indoor golf.

Shawn Powell Lining Up a Putt in the Final Round

Additional match play tournaments will be scheduled. Shawn Powell who played Kevin in the final round said it was fun to be able to meet new people and make some new golf friends.

Here is how the bracket played out.

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